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    City of Bloomington
ThomTech delivers realtime AVL and data collection system

ThomTech Design will install a realtime AVL system in several of the cities snow plow trucks for the winter of 06'.

The system will report the following plow functions:

Front plow up/down

Wing plow up/down

Underbody plow up/down

Spreader on/off



Web Features List


GIS Functionality

  • Use your data in industry standard ESRI shapefiles
  • GIS Toolkit allows for standard spatial queries
  • Change legend symbology on-the-fly
  • Use data served by othe Web Mapping Services ( WMS )
  • Project data on-the-fly


Real-Time and Historic Web Tracking

  • Simple Web Mapping Functionality
    • Zoom In
    • Zoom Out
    • Pan
    • Zoom to Full
    • Refresh
  • Customized Display and Symbolization Options
    • Show vehicles on map using symbology
    • Symbolize by speed, stops, friction, .etc
  • On/Off Auto Refresh
  • Resizable map


Real-Time and Historic Quick Report accompany Map View

  • Web Based Reporting of Vehicle Records
  • Hyperlink “Zoom-To” tool lets zooms to selected record between report and map
  • Customize which fields are visible
  • Customized sorting of data in Quick Report


Custom Tabular Reports

  • Stop Reports
  • Vehicle Maintenance Reports
  • Message Reports
  • Custom Alerts (Speed, After Hours, Maintenance, .etc)


Query Tools

  • Customized Queries for Mapping and Reports
    • Easy to use date/time query
    • Query by Driver
    • Query by Vehicle Number
    • Query by Department
    • Query subset of driver from 1 to ~
    • Customize Query inputs 


Administrative Tool

  • Add Drivers
  • Add Vehicles
  • Add Departments
  • Add Groups
  • Add Users and adminiser viewing priveledges
  • Customize inputs such as hours of operation or public access times


Animated Playback for Historic Data

  • Animate vehicles routes
  • Use query tools to specify start and end time for playback
  • See Breadcrumb trail
  • Connect Breadcrumbs with lines
  • Fast forward, reverse, go to beginning, and go to end playback features


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