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    Miami Dade County
ThomTech delivers realtime inspection system
      ThomTech Design has installed and configured over 140 vehicle for Miami. Features include messaging to the vehicles, realtime mapping and playback, advanced reporting and email alerts


Web Features List


GIS Functionality

  • Use your data in industry standard ESRI shapefiles
  • GIS Toolkit allows for standard spatial queries
  • Change legend symbology on-the-fly
  • Use data served by othe Web Mapping Services ( WMS )
  • Project data on-the-fly


Real-Time and Historic Web Tracking

  • Simple Web Mapping Functionality
    • Zoom In
    • Zoom Out
    • Pan
    • Zoom to Full
    • Refresh
  • Customized Display and Symbolization Options
    • Show vehicles on map using symbology
    • Symbolize by speed, stops, friction, .etc
  • On/Off Auto Refresh
  • Resizable map


Real-Time and Historic Quick Report accompany Map View

  • Web Based Reporting of Vehicle Records
  • Hyperlink “Zoom-To” tool lets zooms to selected record between report and map
  • Customize which fields are visible
  • Customized sorting of data in Quick Report


Custom Tabular Reports

  • Stop Reports
  • Vehicle Maintenance Reports
  • Message Reports
  • Custom Alerts (Speed, After Hours, Maintenance, .etc)


Query Tools

  • Customized Queries for Mapping and Reports
    • Easy to use date/time query
    • Query by Driver
    • Query by Vehicle Number
    • Query by Department
    • Query subset of driver from 1 to ~
    • Customize Query inputs



Two Way Real-Time Messaging

  • Customize message sent to Vehicle
  • Customize Vehicle response


Administrative Tool

  • Add Drivers
  • Add Vehicles
  • Add Departments
  • Add Groups
  • Add Users and adminiser viewing priveledges
  • Customize inputs such as hours of operation or public access times


Animated Playback for Historic Data

  • Animate vehicles routes
  • Use query tools to specify start and end time for playback
  • See Breadcrumb trail
  • Connect Breadcrumbs with lines
  • Fast forward, reverse, go to beginning, and go to end playback features


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