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    Advanced Rural Transportation & Information Coordination (ARTIC)
The Advanced Rural Transportation and Information Coordination (ARTIC) Operational Test combines the dispatching functions of four agencies within the Minnesota Arrowhead Region. In combining the dispatching functions of these agencies, ARTIC employs vehicle location capabilities and central software designed to assist in the intake and successful prosecution of demands made of the agencies. The project improves interagency communication and service efficiency; provides enhanced services to a common constituency; and serves as a model for other implementations at the local and national level.
System Diagrams


The ARTIC Project participants & partners consisted of public and private entities.The following agencies comprise the four ARTIC Project Participants.

  • Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) Highway Maintenance District 1
  • Minnesota State Patrol (MSP)
  • Arrowhead Transit (AT)
  • City of Virginia Dial-A-Ride (VDAR)
ThomTech's partners for the AVL & MDT portions are listed in the diagram below.

System Diagrams
  ARTIC System Diagram

  ARTIC Network Diagram

ARTIC Project Process Block Diagram

Communications   Server Rack Configuration

ARTIC GPS Block Diagram


MN/DOT SnowPlow Installation


State Trooper Antenna Install


Inside State TRooper Vehicle


State Partol Aircraft configured with vehicle tracking.


MDC Displayed
Inside Snowplow Installation


Arrowhead Transit Installation


Virginia Dial-a-ride Installation


In-Vehicle Main Menu


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