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WisDOT Concept
    WisDOT Concept
      Concept Vehicle for Portage County, WI

ThomTech and Force America have been selected for the Portage County snow plow tracking and remote data collection project as part of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Concept Vehicle Program. 

Our installation was completed in November 2000.  Our Snow Owl™ remote data collection (RDC) and automatic vehicle location  (AVL) system records snow removal events and tags these events with data, time, location, road temperature, and plow activity.  Selected events include change in status of plows, wings, scraper, salter, box, or change in rate or material from the salter.  Also included are changes in highway type (federal, state, county, city), activity, or incident. 

The system is "passive" in nature, in that the system records data on a PCMCIA card and is downloaded at the end of day/shift/week/storm.  In addition, our Snow Owl system provides host end data manipulation for displaying the route and attributes on a digital map, generating reports, or integrating with compatible databases.
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ThomTech Snow-Owl Subsystem
The in-vehicle Force America Patrol Commander and ThomTech Snow Owl subsystems are an integral part of the Portage County Concept Vehicle.   

Temperature Sensor
The pavement temperature sensor fastened to the driver's side mirror is an example of integrated sensors.  

Concept Vehicle
The Concept Vehicle is a new snow plow that will be utilized this during winter as a pilot vehicle for data collection to improve efficiency, safety, and effectiveness  

Vehicle Number
The Portage County Concept Vehicle Truck Number


Main Entrance
Portage County Garage Main Entrance with Flags Flying


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