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AK DOT Snow Owl
    AK DOT Snow Owl™
ThomTech's SNOW OWL™ AVL & RDC System
meets the needs for the city of Anchorage
      ThomTech provides remote data collection of material distributions for the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (AK DOT/PF) and the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA).  Continued use of ice and snow removal chemicals has prompted the AK DOT/PF and MOA to monitor material distribution during snow storms by watershed area.

ThomTech's new SNOW-OWL system provides this capability and is now in use in Anchorage.

Other successful projects include Wisconsin DOT Concept Vehicle and Ministry of Transportation Ontario Event Logging.
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AK DOT/PF Snow Plow
Plow configured for automatic vehicle location (AVL) and remote data collection (RDC) and salter (SSC5100).  

SSC5100 Controller
The brand new, state-of-the-art SSC5100 controller is mounted between the seats and dual wired for on-line backup with the CommandAll.  

Mobile Data Computer
The Mobile Data Computer (MDC), a Fieldworks 2000, is mounted under the passenger seat.  

TouchScreen Interface
The touchscreen interface allows the operator to automatically "hands free" collect salter data, while at the same time to enter manual events which are date, time, and location stamped.  

CommandAll "Joystick"
The touch screen man-machine interface for manual event recording is mounted to the right of the CommandAll "joystick."  

The SNOW-OWL uses ESRI's ARCVIEW 3.2 for viewing the data on digital maps and aerial photographs.  The three figures below illustrate a route from one of this season's storms.


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