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Electronic Reporting
    Electronic Reporting
      ThomTech conducts electronic reporting projects in three phases.  
Phase 1
    Involves the coordination of the requirements, inputs, and ideas from our project team and our customer's project team, related offices, and agencies.  Our plan is to provide a deliberate structure for the integration of each participants' requirements, suggestions, and limitations.  We anticipate conducting three planning sessions, each with a set of goals.  The final results of phase 1 are a detailed work plan, specific pilot description, and precise evaluation criteria with which to measure the pilot project successes and failures.
Phase 2
Includes the development of the pilot project solution.  The results of phase 2 will be a working electronic reporting system that illustrate the data reporting requirements identified in Phase 1.  The proposed tasks for phase 2 are listed below.
  • Installation, testing, and maintenance of equipment and software.
  • Integration of each of the project components, subsystem testing, and proof of concept demonstration.
  • Establishment of web site, training, documentation, and sample data collection.
  • Performance of the pilot project, recording events, suggestions, and providing sample data for validation, accuracy, and comparison efforts.
Phase 3
Includes the testing and evaluation of the pilot project, project completion, and final report.  The proposed tasks for phase 3 are listed below.
  • Execute test procedures as outlined in the work plan.
  • Evaluate pilot based on measurement criteria.
  • Demonstrate scalability.
  • Prepare Final Report, which includes suggestions, expansion requirements, and coordinated vision of system wide project.
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