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Mobile AVL & RDC
    Mobile Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) & Remote Data Collection (RDC)

CHALLENGE:  Your vehicle fleets (highway maintenance and snow removal) represent a significant investment and the tracking, tasking, and accountability can save lives, time, dollars, miles, and provide your customers with improved serviceónot to mention the savings in efficiency and effectiveness. 

The integration of a wireless two way messaging and remote data collection system coupled with a GPS based AVL system and an integrated snow plow activity sensor system will provide the communication, mapping, and tracking element to complete an already advanced decision support system. The system provides valuable data points to aid your managers, supervisors, and foremen; as well as provide high level data for you and your staff to review when making policy, procedure, strategic, and budgetary decisions. 

The remote collection of data, the transmission of real-time data, and the presentation of collected data provides the staff with a "situational awareness" of fleet location, driver and vehicle status, preventive maintenance, schedule, and customer support that is now becoming vital to providing superior levels of service, protecting driver & motorists, and achieving customer satisfaction. 

The concept of knowing "What is going on?" becomes increasingly important as service providers compete for resources, increase service areas, increase customer options, and deal with budgetary constraints. The requirement to create a virtual picture of system status at a given point of time from remotely collected real time data is crucial.

SOLUTION:  ThomTech Design Company has years of experience in connecting mobile platforms with wireless data and automatic vehicle location.  We are a total system integrator and provide design, development, integration, implementation, installation, and maintenance products and services.  Our systems provide real-time data that can influence the action regarding your response to customers, plow route schedules, maintenance & installation, snow storms, disaster relief, and public safety.  We will assemble an exceptional team to meet the unique requirements of your project.  We propose and deliver an integrated, comprehensive, cost-effective, turnkey system that meets your requirements.

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