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Road Weather
    Road Weather Information System (RWIS)
      ThomTech offers products and services that provide remote data collection capability such as; road weather information system (RWIS), automatic vehicle location (AVL), mobile data terminals (MDT), computer aided dispatch (CAD), and information collection over a variety of communications and computer networks.

RWIS Model System Configuration
Many US States and Canadian Provinces seek to develop an Internet-based public and password-protected ITD-access-only weather and road condition information web sites. The system requires the integration of multiple vendor server-based RWIS data sources and other external weather sources into a central weather database. The first Figure (below left) provides an illustration of the a model system objectives.
      Presently, there are several vendors providing RWIS equipment to most snow belt state/province agencies. The communications server is designed to poll each data source, convert the data to an NTCIP standard format and store the data in a Central Weather Database. The Central Weather Database stores data to feed a graphical user interface in the form of a web site that presents this data in a useful and interesting configuration to RWIS stakeholders and the general public.
Central Weather Database
  The Central Weather Database is serviced by two network servers - the Web Server and the Communications server.  The second Figure (left) provides a graphical description of a generalized system. The communications server polls the data sources, transfers the data and stores it in the central weather database. The web server hosts the web site and generates graphical user interface from selected elements of the database.

Temperature Sensors

  The pavement temperature sensors pictured to the left are examples of road weather information that can be collected from highway maintenance vehicles completely "hands free."
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