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    Partnerships & Affiliations
      ThomTech Design Company is proud to be a member of several partnerships that benefit education, theater, and children.  We have contributed time, funding, and equipment to assist these organizations in their great work.  Click one of the links below for more information.

MN Safeplow
Steppingstone Theatre
Solar Vehicle

    Partners, Value Added Resellers, Representatives

We are proud to be affiliated with the following companies and organizations.  Please visit their web sites for more information.
Organization Web-site
Veritech Industries www.varitech-industries.com
Mentor Engineering www.mentoreng.com
Mannig Navcomp www.navcomp.com
Trimble www.trimble.com
Intuicom www.intuicom.com
MN Safeplow

  ThomTech's tracking solutions provide real-time AVL for MN's SAFEPLOW. ThomTech Design Company is partnering with the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Transportation and other companies to develop, implement, and test the MN SAFEPLOW. The project involves the integration of several technologies that will provide the vehicle operator with a "heads up" display during winter "whiteout" conditions.

ThomTech has installed two types of tracking: geosynchronous satellite (GEO) and cellular digital packet data (CDPD) wireless. These connections provide two way data communications for remote data collection of location, pavement temperature, and other in-vehicle data sensors.  Click the thumbnail below for a full picture.

ThomTech's package also includes the real-time digital map display of routes, events, and data collection using GIS and other map tools. ThomTech's equipment and the MN SAFEPLOW participated in ITS America's Demo99 in Ohio during July 1999
Steppingstone Theatre
ThomTech Design is proud to support children's theater in Saint Paul.  As part of this we have joined the partnership with Steppingstone Theater.  Our support provides the web page and email accounts for Steppingstone.  We encourage you to attend one or several of their productions. 

For more information please visit their web site at www.steppingstonetheatre.org
Solar Vehicle

  ThomTech is one of several partners with the University of Minnesota's Solar Vehicle Project.  We provided the equipment, installation, and setup to track the solar vehicle team during the 1999 Sunrayce from Washington, DC to Orlando, FL. 

The partners and fans were able to check the internet for location, progress, and information updates during the two week race

For more information visit the solar vehicle web page at www1.umn.edu/umnsvp/

A picture of the Solar Vehicle is shown on the left hand side of this page.  Click on the maps below for a display of Aurora 3's results for Sunrayce 99.
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