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ThomTech Design, Inc. has provided management and technology solutions to state and local governments & businesses since 1995.ThomTech’s specialty is the tracking of highway maintenance vehicles, using Remote Data Collection (RDC) from mobile platforms and Electronic Reporting (ER).  We gather, record, parse, filter, and manipulate data to meet our customer's needs for public works and transit agencies. We specialize in Wireless Data Communications (such as RF, Satellite, & CDPD), Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS), Two Way Data Messaging, & Database Design/Report Generation.

We've set ourself apart from the competition by:

  • Acquring more experience with highway maintenance projects that include several types of mapping products such as; Map-info, Rastrac, ArcGIS, and MS Map-point products
  • Completing the integration of wireless communications systems (including GPRS, iDEN, 1XRTT, 802.11B/G, Spread spectrum) and the variety of on-board sensors (salters, switches, temp sensors, and mobile weather devices)
  • Our ability to deploy snowplow tracking equipment onto “summertime” vehicles for the purpose of data collection and tracking from street sweepers, stripers, mowers, vegetation sprayers, and pavers
  • Our exclusive interface with the Force America SSC5100 salter/controller maximizes the inherent capabilities of the salter and the integrated data collection system
  • Our unique pulse counter device (KPC-1) that allows our SnowOwl equipment to interface with most closed loop salters and provide rates and totals in real-time
  • Deploying several mobile data collection and automatic vehicle location systems throughout the following locations, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alaska, Ontario, Nebraska, Michigan, and Arizona
  • Having a real-time solution and a passive solution with spread spectrum auto-download features to meet all of the data requirements
  • Offering standalone, client/server, and web based solutions for communications, mapping, and reporting functions
  • And being the first company to offer a supervisor’s unit using a Panasonic Toughbook 01 handheld computer integrated with the Nextel (iDEN) wireless network.

ThomTech's Experience

A. General
ThomTech Design, Inc. specializes in the integration of management and technology solutions for State, County, and City Government agencies and local business. This includes the transmission and reception of electronic data via land line and/or wireless connection between stationary and mobile platforms and computer networks. The integration of electronic reporting of information and selected data and the control, manipulation, access, storage, and display of that data is the main focus of our company.

Another of our core competencies is the automatic tagging of remotely gathered information, this includes event tagging with data, time, location, temperature, activity, and geographic information. Our signature product is the SnowOwlä Mobile Data Collection System.

Another area of ThomTech’s expertise is the generation of reports and display of remotely gathered information onto digital maps, customer friendly reports, and clearly defined database parameters. ThomTech focuses on electronic data gathering using several survey instruments from aerial photography, electronic sensors, and digital counters. ThomTech provides information modeling techniques to assist in decision support systems based on large data sets created from remote electronic sensors and data gatherers. We are presently completing an automatic vehicle location project for Virginia DOT to collect incident data using the safety service patrol vehicles.

Providing AVL & GPS as part of mobile data collection systems
for public works and highway maintenance organizations is all we do. We’ve been doing this for over eight years.

ThomTech Design Inc. specializes in system integration of combined dispatch and reporting operations via the internet and active web page design. Presently, we are installing an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system for snow plows in Minnesota, Arizona, Nebraska, Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, and Alaska

B. Products & Services
ThomTech offers products and services that provide automatic vehicle location (AVL), mobile data terminals (MDT), computer aided dispatch (CAD), and remote data collection over a variety of communications and computer networks. Last year we completed an AVL project (75 vehicles) for Virginia DOT for their safety service patrol vehicles. This year we are installing AVL equipment on sixty snowplows for Mn/DOT. It is characterized by a web server that will provide the mapping and reporting features. ThomTech personnel have over 35 years of experience in communications, and have recently been the first in the country to integrate highway maintenance winter operations equipment by electronic reporting of vehicle activity, preventive maintenance, and engine statistics.

We were the first company in the US to track
highway maintenance vehicles (November 1996).

We have provided vehicle tracking on a variety of highway maintenance vehicles including snow plows, vegetation sprayers, mowers, street sweepers, and supervisor’s trucks.

Our projects are characterized by open architecture,
informative training, and complete documentation.

C. Partners and Memberships
ThomTech is a research partner with the University of Minnesota on two different electronic reporting projects: SAFEPLOW and the solar vehicle. ThomTech is also a research partner with Wisconsin DOT and the University of Wisconsin, Madison on the Concept Vehicle Project. We recently became a partner with Iowa State University and the Center for Transportation Research & Engineering (CTRE) for the Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS). In each case, ThomTech contributes software, equipment, and engineering hours. ThomTech also contributes to the community by hosting, developing, and covering the cost of a local Saint Paul children’s theater web page. We are members of the American Public Works Association, Transportation Research Board, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), Minnesota High Technology Association, the MN Academy of Science, ITS Minnesota and ITS America.

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ThomTech Design Company is committed to outstanding customer service.  Our projects are customized and tailored to meet the unique requirements of our customers.  Our service and demonstration vehicles are ready for on-site visits at any time.

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